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Please use this forum to submit and discuss suggestions for the Groomed Trail website. While not all requests will be added to the site, we will thoroughly evaluate each suggestion. Thanks for your support and participation.

Groomed and trail conditions

Has any one ridden across trail 2 from naubenway to trail 41 haywire? They say closed past Blaney park. I'm coming up with 6 guys from Pittsburgh and my day one is that direction. If I need to I will go north. Thanks. Also you have a bunch of yellow market trails  in néed to up date, most are in good shape, from the groomers stand point. Like 45 out of Newberry  you show yellow and the say trail groomed all the way to the falls.

Google Street View

Check out this cool feature within Groomed Trail. Granted, we didn't build it, but it is inherent to the mapping platform that we have chosen. Very cool stuff!


Tips / Tricks

One of our favorite features of Groomed Trail, is the ability to build and save routes to your profile. By clicking on a trail segment, you can begin the process by clicking the "Add Route" button. Additional segments can then be added and then saved. You can then easily view those routes on the map at latter date, as well as share them with other Groomed Trail members. For a complete list of steps in this process, please go here.

Where do you ride?

We're interested in learning about the areas that you frequently ride. Do you see any POI's, in those areas, that are not on the map? If so, post them here. We'll get them added as fast as we can.


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