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Trail 8

Trail 8 West of burgland to Wakefield show red on the map. Is this bad trail or a closure?


Incomplete trail

Anyone have any information on trail 12 from trail 8 its not showing on map, going to Greenland? 


Lake Gogebic Area Trails - Dec 7th

Friday, December 6th

Gogebic Area Grooming received new equipment this week and have been out breaking trails!    We have cold temps and plenty of snow in the forecast – a great recipe for our early season riders!

Trails 13 North and South got hit yesterday! The drag went up 13 North and Marenisco’s Groomer went South on 13 breaking trails once more. Trail 100 and 102 also got hit yesterday.

Trail 8W between Bergland and Wakefield is wet as usual. If you cross the trail to the ditch, your going to swim….. Would advised only paddle track sleds to break trail at this time on 8W. Also if you ride the shoulder of the road, expect a ticket… We are going to try to break trail very soon…. We need some cold weather first to freeze it up and anticipate if should be in good shape by next weekend.

Trail 8E:   is open but it sure is ride at your own risk!

Trail 102: there is a new reroute about 4 miles before trail 11.  The trail is marked well and the reroute was a very nice turn out.     (Temporary Re-Route)

Past the Root Cellar, there is more logging. You will have to travel on East Shore Rd approximately 2 mile further then before to get back onto trail 13.  A new reroute will take place.  Please follow the signs marked 13.   (Permanent Re-Route for the 2019-2020 Season).

Trail 100: Logging is happening between Stagecouch Rd and the Slate River (very end of Lake Gogebic)   Marshall Creek Bridge has been fixed so you can get to Marenisco from trail 100. (Permanent for 2019-2020 season)

Trail 1 from Trail 100 to Trail 8Closed until further notice as logging is taking place until the end of December.     

Looking forward to seeing everyone – and thanks for your support of Gogebic Area Grooming!

Groomed and trail conditions

Has any one ridden across trail 2 from naubenway to trail 41 haywire? They say closed past Blaney park. I'm coming up with 6 guys from Pittsburgh and my day one is that direction. If I need to I will go north. Thanks. Also you have a bunch of yellow market trails  in néed to up date, most are in good shape, from the groomers stand point. Like 45 out of Newberry  you show yellow and the say trail groomed all the way to the falls.

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