Trail update.

Hey Steve, I'm trying to update some of the trails we have marked red and will not update. Am I doing something wrong? Like trail 8 between Burgland and ironwood is groomed and smooth, on trail 2 going to ironwood there's a yellow spot, this is from December. What do we need to do to readjust this.

GPS Data for Garmin Devices

We're starting this discussion around your experiences with our free GPS data available for your Garmin Device. Please let us know which devices this is working on, as we have tested on in a limited environment. You may also post your questions or comments here as well.

Download the files and instructions here:

Baraga trail

I know the trail into chasell is closed, but can you still get into Baraga? It shows red on the map. Bringing in a group of 11 end if month, need some input if possible. Thanks.



Minnesota Trails

update scroll down Jan3 /2020

Basically The NE has most trails open  NW  has lots of snow north of Grand Maris

the south east and west are in poor shape or closed at thier last update.

If you go to the GroomedTrail map click an area off the trail; some have groomer reports for the area.

The map seems a bit optimistic in the south (green is suppose to mean open). The DNR MN website has updated conditions, 


Upper Peninsula of Michigan riders!

I just found this web site and I like all the features that it privides. 

I thought I would start a thread for Michigan riders. We have a group leaving for the U.P. on Christmas day. I hope they continue to get snow up there.

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