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Trail 109

Is there any information on the closure of trail 109? Is the reroute from last year still open? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Not able to delete trail

Im setting up my trip for a ride this winter and when building my routes it will not let me delete a route i have saved? also when im reviewing my ride when i hit the eye icon only takes me back to map., does not show trip.

Trail update.

Hey Steve, I'm trying to update some of the trails we have marked red and will not update. Am I doing something wrong? Like trail 8 between Burgland and ironwood is groomed and smooth, on trail 2 going to ironwood there's a yellow spot, this is from December. What do we need to do to readjust this.

GPS Data for Garmin Devices

We're starting this discussion around your experiences with our free GPS data available for your Garmin Device. Please let us know which devices this is working on, as we have tested on in a limited environment. You may also post your questions or comments here as well.

Download the files and instructions here:

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